Our initial response will be into Gippsland, Victoria where the Royal Australian Navy is currently evacuating thousands of civilians, the Royal Australian Air Force is dropping supplies to impacted communities and the Australian Army is supporting local authorities with an extensive suite of capabilities.

At this stage, Operation Veteran Assist is relying purely on the generosity of veterans and their families to fund our operation.
Your nomination for Operation Veteran Assist does not automatically mean that you are in 'the team'.

We are actively looking for self-sufficient and self-reliant individuals who have the skills, experience and capability to deploy into an active disaster area.

You may not be fed, much.
You will not be paid or reimbursed for your expenses.
You will need to bring all of your own equipment - think things like toilet paper all the way to chainsaws, fuel, water, vehicle and sleeping arrangements.

You will be sleeping, living and working in a dangerous environment.
You may get hurt/injured/die (including your feelings).
You are not covered by insurance.
You nominate for Operation Veteran Assist because you want to help out other Australians who have been kicked in the gut by the worst bushfires this country have ever experienced.

Gippsland Deployment

09.01.2020, 04:00


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Operation Veteran Assist is a veteran-led response to the bushfires that have ravaged Australia over the 2019/2020